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I can’t Sing Together in a group because……

You were born to sing and there is nothing more uplifting than singing with others. It has been scientifically proven to improve mood and generate a sense of community. But people sometimes hold on to fears or preconceptions which prevent them from accessing this... read more

Improve your health and wellbeing NOW!

In 2015 a research team from the Royal College of Music’s Centre for Performance Science gathered data from a concert of music by Eric Whitacre. The team asked how singing affected the health and well-being of the musicians and the audience. They found: • Stress... read more

Singing is INtertainment

“Entertainment is one thing, but the INtertainment – when a room full of strangers get together in a room to sing – is profound” Bobby McFerrin. Take a look at this great piece of music made up on the spot with room full of strangers. ITs from... read more

Singing with older people

Everyone can sing – and for some groups, singing is positively life giving. In 2007 documentary maker Tim Sameuls made a BBC2 documentary exposing the scandal of older people living alone, isolated or bored and lonely in ‘rest homes’. Samuels pulled together the... read more

To sing or not to sing?

The New Year brings opportunities to try something new. Maybe you feel to shy to sing in public but love singing in the car? Why not try singing in a group? At Sing Together, you will gain confidence, strengthen your voice, learn how to breath properly, improve your... read more

Singing is a way to be heard

“If you can get people to sing your song, they will come to know who you are”, Harry Belafonte Singing is a way to be heard Singing overcomes oppression whether from an external source or from negative internal source. Listen to this lovely discussion about singing... read more

Christmas Sing Together

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in, our fires are lit and it is time to start planning for Christmas. For singers its a particularly lovely time where old favourite carols are dusted off and we allow ourselves the indulgence of singing along with the... read more